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Kama Sutra Oil Of Love Review

Kama Sutra Oil Of LoveI think it’s quite safe to say that this little series of reviews has effectively cured me of my reluctance to try edible/lickable/kissable products. Although I’ll admit the idea of flavoured lubricant still makes my tongue recoil in horror, so it may be a long time before you see one of those featured here. I’d say that this week’s item is my favourite thus far.

Kama Sutra Oil Of Love is another contribution from It comes in the most darling little bottle, and the packaging claims it is totally edible. I’ve also read that it isn’t actually an oil at all, rather a water-based liquid with a similar consistency to oil.

Anyway, after the Spearmint Gel from hell I wasn’t holding out a lot of hope for this product. V and I put it to a taste test on our lips to see if it passed as palatable. Mmmmmmm, we were both pleasantly surprised! It smells fantastic and it tastes delicious. The ‘original’ oil tastes like chocolate, vanilla, and cinnamon, but Oil Of Love also comes in a variety of other flavours, like strawberries and champagne.

This delicate ‘oil’ warms up once you blow on it gently. What a fantastic sensation. Applying little dabs to the neck, nipples, testicles, or anyplace liable to be licked is simply wonderful. A little certainly goes a long way so you don’t have to use much to get the full effect of the yummy scent and taste.

Because it’s not actually oil, it washes off easily with water and it doesn’t leave any sort of residue once thoroughly washed or licked off. It also doesn’t feel like oil in your mouth, it’s more like thin syrup.

I think a fun and sexy game could involve one naked person applying two or three drops of oil to various parts of the body, and then having another naked person (or more than one) have to find each spot using only their lips and tongue.

This it my favorite product from the Kama Sutra Earthly Delights set. No wonder it’s also the Kama Sutra best seller.

This Product Receives:

5 Out Of 5

2 Responses to “Kama Sutra Oil Of Love Review”

  1. Esined Says:

    Hmmm The games idea sounds like fun.

    My mind is in overdrive atm lol.

    <3 Esi

    [Reply To The Above Comment]

  2. Anonymous Says:

    1 of my faves glad you like it as well.


    [Reply To The Above Comment]


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