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Story Of O: A Review By Me

O, the wonderful darling that she is, sent me a fantastic gift on Saturday evening after her date with Jack. She gifted me with a copy of Story Of O by Pauline Reage. I know, I can’t even call myself a proper submissive for not having already read it :P

Anyway, I devoured the book, reading it from cover to cover in less than 24 hours (harder than it sounds in this household). It was deeply stirring to say the least. In case there was curiosity, I already had some knowledge of the book (if you are part of the BDSM community hearing about it is part of the initiation package). I decided to give O that particular letter because I knew that this book was one of her favorite novels.

I would recommend that you skip all the preface and so forth at the beginning of the book itself, because in some ways they give away a good part of the story (the ending included). You will enjoy them much more if you read them AFTER you have read the story itself because you will know what they are talking about.

If blatant acts of physical torture, objectification and prostitution of women is not your cup of tea, spare yourself and don’t read this book. It’s harsh, it’s to the point, and it’s NOT erotica or pornography, or anything remotely sexy. At least not to people who cannot see beyond the surface of the story.

I did not find it particularly arousing the in the conventional way. Not masturbation material really, at least not for myself. However, it certainly did remind me of something about myself that I have been mostly in denial of for quite a while. I do not care to go into details, people who know what I am talking about will understand and that is enough.

I would also not recommend that you utilize this book as a Bible for the purposes of real life BDSM play. Can it be like in the book? Will it give you nightmares if I tell you that it can? That I know for a fact that it can? Be assured that even if this book is not a piece of fiction (which is still being speculated, after all these years) the persons involved were not inexperienced in the acts in which they indulged. Leave that sort of thing to the people who understand the risks involved. Pick up a copy of SM 101 by Jay Wiseman if you would like to understand BDSM in a more…palatable format.

I give this book a five out of five. Really excellent, everything I expected and then some.

This Book Receives:

5 Out Of 5

3 Responses to “Story Of O: A Review By Me”

  1. JeN Says:

    I couldn’t find it in me to really enjoy this book. I think I’m too picky about the characters and the lack of development. Oh well.

    Hey, there’s a chance that Joey might be moving to Calgary next year for work. If that happens, maybe you’ll end up dating him! hee hee

    [Reply To The Above Comment]

  2. padme Says:

    I really enjoyed the Story of O. I’ve read that book a few times and it always gets me very wet. *big smile*
    I’m glad to hear things are going well with O.

    [Reply To The Above Comment]

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you about getting together. I want to. I’m lost in my schedule so that actually planning anything seems impossible. Everything I’ve done this week has been impromptu.


    [Reply To The Above Comment]


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