Moodiness And Blogging Don’t Mix Well

Posted on March 22nd, 2006 in Does All Her Own Stunts, Emotional Angst, Mating And Relating, Polyamory

Jack was contemplating issuing a new rule for this blog:

“No blogging while you’re on your period”


I know I was completely unfair in the second half of my post yesterday. I should have cut it off earlier but I was in a mood (frickin cramps) and I just let my mouth run away with me.

Jack is NOT a horrible person. He does NOT try to keep my sheltered in the house all the time. He does NOT call me constantly and hassle me and ruin my outings every time I am with my friends. And up until VERY recently I would be calling and texting him every half hour while he was out.

Jack is a good man, and a fantastic husband (not to mention father to our children). He lets me have a LOT of freedom (you probably already knew that considering the fact that I have K, LOL). He works horrific hours at a job he only likes half the time, just so that he can give me every little thing my heart desires. He humors all my crackpot ideas and does everything in his power to fulfill my every whim. I really could not ask for anyone better, and I’d be a total fool if I didn’t appreciate what an incredible man he is.

Last night Jack and K went out for dinner together. What an odd feeling it was (funny odd, not yucky odd) to know that my husband and my boyfriend [K has an aversion to me using that term in regards to him, but too bad! HA HA] are out together without me. They’ve never really spent time together when I wasn’t around. I was really hoping it would go well.

They went to Brewster’s and ate and what not. Mostly they chatted about mundane things, but they also talked a bit about our situation. Jack just wanted to assure K that any problems that might happen in our marriage really have absolutely nothing to do with him. K sometimes worries that he is putting unnecessary strain on my relationship with Jack, and that is simply not the case. I tell K that all the time, but I was glad that Jack reinforced what I said. Jack basically told K that if he was causing problems, he’d be the first to know about it.

They also talked a little bit about me, and how I like to overcomplicate things *rolls eyes*.

Anyway, they had a good time, and will likely be getting together again sometime soon (probably to go to the strippers, LOL).

Tomorrow night I get to have some girl time out of the house. I ordered my smart balls (and V’s) through and acquaintance of mine who sells sex toys from her home. She orders directly from the suppliers and her prices are far cheaper than buying through commercial adult toy stores. Basically you pick things out of catalogues, she puts in an order once a week, and you receive your items within 7 business days. V and I are going over there to pick up the smart balls that I ordered last week, and also to sit around and chat over coffee and browse the rest of her catalogues.

I think I want to order this vibrator from Fun Factory. I’d like it in the black and silver, and I believe it’s waterproof, which is a bonus! I wouldn’t mind one of these either ;)

So I am looking forward to that, I am sure it’s going to be a lot of fun. I’ll tell you all about it afterwards (and of course write up some product reviews once I have a chance to test drive any purchases).

We might be having company over this afternoon (one of Jack’s friends who is in town for the week) so I’d better go tidy up. Hope everyone has a great day!

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  1. OrangeLime Says:

    LMAO no blogging while you’re on your period. That’s freaking awesome. Oh the joys of being a female…..*grumbles at Eve* It’s really good that you appreciate Jack for everything he is to you, people ten to take for granted what they have, it’s good that you’re not one of them.

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