If Sex Was A Competitive Sport, I Would Deserve A Medal

Posted on January 21st, 2006 in Carnal Confessions, Polyamory

I was feeling like a puddle of goo after my most satisfying orgasm, but the boys were both raring to go again.

So, they decided to take turns fucking my brains out. Kind of like a horny tag team against poor little me.

Somehow I doubt I am invoking much sympathy, LOL.

I don’t clearly remember who went first, or even how many times they switched off. Jack was fucking me for a while, and then K, and then Jack again, and then K again. I didn’t have to do anything except enjoy myself. I mostly laid there gasping for air between screams, my legs hooked over shoulders, around the waist, or whatever other position was decided upon in the heat of the moment. I don’t think I have ever been so thoroughly and completely taken in my entire life.

I felt like a dirty little whore and I loved every moment of it. I adore feeling used, like I am only good for a sex object and nothing more. By the time K climbed on for the last time I was getting tired and sore, but I was in complete submissive mode and just wanted more.

Part of me was like “Oh my GAWD, you’re still not done with me?”, but a larger part of me was like “Oh my GAWD, let this never ever end!”

Of course once the men had gotten their fill (not to mention gotten off) and screwed me into complete sexual rapture, they laid down on either side of me and made me feel adored and loved and cared for.

Does it really ever get any better than that?

At some point I think they also spanked me, each of them smacking one of my ass cheeks and making me squeal and squirm between them. Jack could tell that I was really starting to hit sub space and decided I would be totally useless to them if I went off into my own little world. So the spanking stopped for the moment, much to my disappointment, but it was just as well for what Jack had in mind next.

Two cocks and one pussy.

Why not try to get them both in there.

At the same time!

The mechanics of it become kind of mind-boggling.

So after we had all rested and one of the boys had toyed with my pussy and declared that I was ready to go again, we decided to try it out.

Jack laid on his back on the very end of the bed, so that his butt was right on the edge. He had me get on top of him and he slid his cock into me. K stood behind me and tried to push his cock into my pussy along with Jack’s. It took a little maneuvering, and sadly every time K would get in, he would push Jack out. We tried some different things with no success, so then K and Jack switched spots and Jack tried to get into my tight and resistant little cunt while K was already in there. Again every time Jack would get in, K would get pushed out. Apparently there just wasn’t going to be enough room for them to both be in there at the same time.

We abandoned that effort and decided to just do another round of ‘regular’ double penetration. I still can’t believe that I just wrote that sentence and it doesn’t sound weird to me, LOL.

The night was turning into an Iron Vagina triathalon.

Jack laid on his back and I straddled him, letting his cock slip into my pussy. I rocked my hips while K got the lubricant. In a moment I felt him pressing the head of his cock against my ass. I laid against Jack and relaxed. Despite the hours of fucking that had just occurred it was still a tight fit. Jack wasn’t able to do much thrusting from the bottom, but K started pounding my ass again while I squeeled my head off like a cow elk in heat.

Ok I am so sorry for the allusion to a large and very unsexy quadruped, but I have been DYING to use that phrase, and well, I just had to.

Anyway, K fucked my ass until he came in me and we collapsed onto the bed again for more cuddling. I was in such a mindless stupor that I don’t really remember what happened after that. According to a reliable source we fucked some more (just one on one, no more DP of any kind, LOL) and then finally called it a night.

Or morning, considering it was nearly 6:00 am!

K slept in the guest room and Jack and I went and slept in our own bed. We were wishing we had already purchased our king sized bed because then we could have all slept together. But I like to spread out when I sleep and so does Jack (I have no idea about K since I have never slept with him) so we decided to split up for the few hours sleep we were going to get.

The start of the next day will also be the start of a new post, so check back soon :) Hope you enjoyed this installment!

Published by Shasta

5 Responses to “If Sex Was A Competitive Sport, I Would Deserve A Medal”

  1. JeN Says:

    hey, an elk cow is sexy to a bull cow, I’m sure!
    Hope you consumed mass amounts of fluids to make up what you lost.
    Damn, woman, you’d get the Gold!

    Reply To The Above Comment

  2. -- Says:

    Several gold medals I figure – marathon, wrestling, and who knows how many double’s sports!

    Reply To The Above Comment

  3. Poland Says:

    You realize you are completely spoiled now.

    Reply To The Above Comment

  4. HWJ Says:

    And those pics are where??? Hmmmm…????

    Reply To The Above Comment

  5. Poland Says:

    Hi. I just re-read your post and figured out why your double pussy did not work. I find the best way is to have Jack lay down just as he did, with you on top with your back to him. Then you lay back and open your legs and K enters you from the front, just like he would in missionary. Both cocks will fit nicely. It’s a great sensation. Fun will be had by all!! Try it that way and let me know if it works. It has always worked for me that way.

    You know, you sound like you are really enjoying this side of yourself. Good for you!! Keep having fun.

    Reply To The Above Comment

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