Recently, on a warm afternoon, Aiden and I went for  short hike in the backcountry, our first of the season.  There are still small patches of snow in the foothills of the Rockies, but their days are numbered.

We hadn’t hiked this particular area before, but it wasn’t very difficult.  The trail was wide and flat, and dry, which is always nice.  We had packed a blanket and a picnic lunch, and strolled through the forest, enjoying the quiet and the smells of spring in the wilderness.

When we found an appropriate spot, we spread out our blanket and had a lovely picnic in the fresh air.  These are definitely not my finest photos.  I snapped them with my iPhone, so they aren’t that exciting.


After we finished eating, we cuddled up together on the blanket, and as nobody was anywhere nearby, had a round of really sexy fucking outside!  Normally we would try to be a bit sneaky, but we knew we were totally alone, so we just had at it, as naked and loud as we wanted to.

The hike back to our truck was…sticky, to say the least.  The satisfaction of getting down in the great outdoors made it worth the discomfort.