Looking For Indie Programming? Try Nu TV Network

  • August 24, 2017
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Do you like indie programming? If your the type of person who does there’s a new network for you called Nu TV Network. The network will be available on all phones and devices this Labor Day Weekend. Visit: www.nutvnet.com

Indie Movies Indie Movies 2

I was just curious to see what other people think of their network so I searched Google. One of the first results that popped up was for the Roku Guide. I clicked through to their Roku channel and discovered that they get 4.5 out of 5 stars with 12 reviewers on Roku. Not too bad.

The Nu has award winning series, festival winners, and also top web based series that have been adapted for HD television. Top of the list are the action series like “Here’s 2 The Throne,” “The Professional Chiller”, and top tier new additions “The Terms” and “Torture” that air every #DoOrDieFriday.

Nu Network

The Nu also have great comedies like “DC Yuppies”, the new dramatic comedy “The Put Down,” and the smash live action comedy hit Vigilant about a guy that tries to become a super hero in his spare time. They are all Nu Exclusives that air on #WeGotJokesMondays and the originals that air throughout the week go on and on. You name it, The Nu TV Network probably has something for you. For example if you like horror movies there’s something for you in the form of blood thirsty zombie horror shows on SaturdayScreams. This network has everything!

Their Instagram is nutvnetwork and their website once again is www.nutvnet.com. The Nu TV Network app will be released Labor Day Weekend. Check them out.

Geeked Out Solutions Home Automation How-To’s

  • August 23, 2017
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Geeked Out Solutions is creating home automation how-to videos on Patreon. Geeked Out Solutions will help you to fully understand Mycroft.ai as well as other AI and Home Automation products. This is something very unique in the world of online video. Help support his mission at https://www.patreon.com/Geekedoutsol.

If you don’t already know what Mycroft AI is, it’s the “World’s only open source artificial intelligence platform. Install on your desktop, build on a Raspberry Pi” or just buy their voice assistant. Once again it’s open source software so anyone can freely use and edit it. The only catch is you have to code it yourself and that’s a difficult task especially if you don’t know anything about coding. That’s where Geeked Out Solutions comes in, “Videos featured will show you how to code your own custom assistant, tie it into your home automation items, and have a open source assistant.”

Geeked Out Solutions training doesn’t stop there. He will also offer “Training content on the Open Source Home Automation solution home assistant, https://home-assistant.io/ to automate the day to day things in your house. Other videos and articles will go over python code development, chatbots, IFTTT, and other AI related products/technology.”

Video Topics

Video topics will include literally everything you’d like an AI to do. The ultimate goal is to get funding from Patreon and turn that into a web site and more formal training materials down the road. Topics include python tutorials, mycroft tutorials, docker setup’s for mycroft and other applications, IoT home automation tools and how to’s, IFTTT recipes, and lots more. It’s amazing, I remember buying $100-$200 textbooks in college and now you can get the best, most current teaching material online for free. That’s why we as a community need to support anyone creating good content like Geeked Out Solutions.

Geeked Out Solutions

Any Rewards?

$1 gets you access to upcoming topics and give feedback, $5 per month gives you free support, access to new training, access to exclusive training, custom discord channel, and live Google handout. $10 or more per month gives you custom support, shared access to cloud mycroft, higher vote weight for new content, and two extra votes for released content. $25 gives you free troubleshooting session and access to cloud mycroft. $45 or more per month gives you free one hour mycroft session, free basic 20 conversation bot, highest support channel, own channel on Discord, and free one per month basic skill creating.

Look at all the rewards! These are some of the best rewards I’ve seen. Just look at the $45/month reward! That’s about half my cable bill and you get an expert to help you with your AI and home automation products. If this is something you’d be interested in I’d say drop your excess expenses like cable and invest in something you care about like Geeked Out Solutions. Invest in yourself for a change, invest in your future instead of sitting idle. Get them before all of Geeked Out Solutions becomes paid content.

Bottleneck Breakthrough By Joshua Long

  • August 16, 2017
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Just stated reading Bottleneck Breakthrough How To Find And Fix Your #1 Business Challenge To Unlock Sustainable Growth, Fast by Joshua Long and I’m loving it! Anyone looking to grow their own business should pick up this book.

Bottleneck Breakthrough hasn’t been released yet, but I was lucky enough to get my hands on a brand shinny new pre release copy. You can apply the bottleneck breakthrough method to achieve predictable growth plateaus in every business, and every stage of revenue, whether you’re at $100K or $100M. Best of all his technique builds on what you already do in your business so you don’t have to completely overhaul your operation.

Purchase the book: http://bottleneckbreakthrough.com/book

Bottleneck Breakthrough Book

What’s a Bottleneck?

A bottleneck according to the author is “any point of friction in your business that prevents you from generating more revenue or generating the same revenue more easily.” If your company is just starting out the most common bottleneck is the owner can no longer keep everything running smoothly.

If your business does have a bottleneck this book will show you how to breakthrough step-by-step, complete with action items. Each chapter ends with a complete set of action items for you to follow. I found it interesting that Joshua Long places such importance on good management, especially in small business. I feel management has kind of become a dirty word, Josh feels it’s undervalued in small business and possibly overvalued in fortune 500 companies. Interesting perspective. “Small business owners equate the topic of management with bureaucracy, creating unnecessary oversight and slowing down the implementation process.” Joshua also recommends another “dirty word” in the book, a meeting. Yes, the dreaded meeting word, but not just any meeting a weekly implementation meeting. He guarantees that you at least will get back 3 hours for every one hour you invest in these meetings.

Why Should I Even Listen To Author Joshua Long?

Joshua Long is “a consultant who focuses on helping B2B companies in the $10 million to $100 million range break through their current revenue plateaus and unlock rapid growth. Through his experience as an entrepreneur, marketing director for BBI (The company owned by Chet Holmes and Tony Robbins), and consultant, he has developed Bottleneck Breakthrough Method. It has proven most reliable for unlocking rapid growth for his clients, while reducing the risk of waster capital in the process.”

The book breaks down it’s 6 sections by levels of growth. “The 6 levels of growth include: Mindset, vision, systems, management, strategy, and marketing.” First the forward details the bottleneck, then book goes into the big idea, optimization. Next, in marketing it go into your funnel, traffic pillars, and closing. In management book delves into basics, weekly implementation meeting, and confrontation. Systems is up next with creating one, delegation, documentation, and automation. Then book goes into vision asking readers to explain their goals, and creating a bottleneck breakthrough plan. Finally the book ends with mindset and getting free.

It’s not just a book about generalities it’s a book with specific tactics and tips such as using Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Hotjar tracking tool, Xero the less clunky Quickbooks, and just good old fashioned spreadsheets. I’m just using these examples as proof this isn’t just a book with a birds eye view of the business world, it’s both macro and micro. The best of both worlds.

My Favorite Sections

I especially like the section about reducing fires. I can totally relate to the phenomenon of business owners becoming full time “firemen.” Not firemen in the traditional sense of putting out actual fires, but putting out fires throughout their business. In other words you are completely reactive ALL DAY and end up getting nothing productive done. The solution according to this book is to document and delegate. I also enjoyed the section where Long explains the Dunning-Kruger Effect where when you first start out with 0 experience you have the most confidence, but as you move forward and gain more skin your confidence dips and only rises until you reach the expert phase of your career. One of the hardest things for me to do in my business is to delegate and for reasons Long talks about in the book. “It takes more effort to tell someone else how to do this, so I’ll just do it myself.” I see daily tasks as branches on a tree, I decide to one thing and that thing has unintended consequences that branch off into other obligations. So the thought of delegation also leads me to that fear of for every action there’s a reaction and delegating this task will end up being more work than me doing it myself. Joshua suggests shifting the stating to something more positive, “How easily can I give this to someone who would love doing it and do a great job at it?”


I actually loathe most business books, specially because many authors tend to write about clique generalities or base writing solely off case studies. I do, however, like business books written by authors with first hand, in the trenches, experience. As far as I’m concerned there is no substitute for experience especially in business. That’s why I recommend this book, Bottleneck Breakthrough because it’s an step-by-step, actionable guide to business born out of real world experience. Thanks Joshua Long for writing such a comprehensive business book!


Build Fast, Simple Visitor Feedback Forms With InsightStash.com

  • August 16, 2017
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Are you looking for a way to build fast, simple visitor feedback forms? Consider trying the new site InsightStash.com. With Insight Stash you’ll be able to get feedback from your visitors in seconds. Visit https://insightstash.com/.

Getting feedback from your customers seems like a simple thing, but if it’s not easy to implement and customers don’t respond to it it’s not worth the trouble at all. With Insight Stash you’ll be able to get visitor feedback, ideas for your products or services, improve conversions, discovering visitor pain points, get testimonials, execute e-mail surveys, and more. Just take a look at these beautiful forms below:

Insight Stash Forms

These are forms people will want to interact with. Forms feature customizable fields, look (including custom CSS designed by you) and firing rules. You’ll be able to give survey assets through fast CDN. Feature advanced firing rules, addons support, rest API, sentiment analysis, target and custom CSS, analytics, exporting capabilities, and more.

How Much Does It Cost? 

Price for this service starts at $19/month for 10,000 hits, $49/month for 50,000 hits, and $89/month for 100,000 hits.

Best of all you’ll be able to get 30 days free, no credit card required. Try the site today.






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