Sci Fi Biopunk Sci-Fi Movie Needs Funding On Kickstarter

  • January 30, 2017
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There’s a new sci fi movie on Kickstarter that needs your funding called Biopunk. The film by Dresden Pictures is a dystopian vision of Earth 30 years after the “Great Cure.” Biopunk is a sci-fi movie full of action, mystery, and unique characters. Consider supporter Biopunk on Kickstarter today:

Biopunk by Dresden Pictures needs your help reaching their $25,149 goal. So far it’s raised some of that amount, but there’s a bit more to go.

Biopunk Movie Kickstarter

What Is Biopunk Exactly?

“Biopunk is an independent sci-fi film full of action, mystery and unique characters. Set in a world devastated by a mysterious virus, the human race no longer finds itself the dominant species. Decades of infection have transformed swathes of the population. These new breeds have become known as Altereds. Corralled into ghettos and treated as second-class citizens, a fragile new world has emerged. Biopunk follows the story of Resha, a street-smart Altered struggling to make a living whilst raising her younger brother Kio. When Kio is kidnapped by the militarized faction of the Altereds, she is forced to venture beyond the city’s limits in a race to rescue him before he can be turned into the ultimate weapon.”

Biopunk Logo

Why Me?

“Feature films this ambitious require a lot of support. That’s why we’re here on Kickstarter – to prove there’s a hungry audience out there who want to see this kind of film. We want to make a proof of concept short of the opening ten minutes. This concept short will aim to convince sales agents, distributors and a host of others that Biopunk is achievable. You can help to do that by joining the community and proving there are people out there who want to see original films like this made.”

Who Are They?

“We’re the creative team behind the post-apocalyptic comedy The Fitzroy. The Fitzroy title sequence won both the Audience Award and Special Jury Recognition Award at the amazing SXSW film festival in Austin Texas! Liam’s home town. Biopunk is written by Andrew Harmer, the writer/director of the uniquely imaginative film The Fitzroy. Produced by producing partners James Heath and Liam Garvo.”

Liam Garvo Director’s Real

What Are The Rewards?

If you’re looking for rewards, you’ve come to the right place. Biopunk has lots of them. For example pledge only £5 and see concept short before anyone and exclusive videos, and photos. The rewards go all the way up to £750. With £750+ you will become a “associate producer!” “Become an Associate Producer on the final film and have your name appear in the end credits and IMDB.” For those looking for some instant name recognition, this pledge level is for you. Also includes these previous rewards: “I want to see this film! Biopunk Poster, Set Visit, Watch the magic happen, Appear in the Film, Art Book & Script, and Follow the Action.” I’d pay £750 just to appear in the film, but you get so much more.


This is one of the most well done Kickstarter campaigns I’ve written about on this blog thus far. Please consider contributing to Biopunk by Dresden Pictures If there Kickstarter page is any indication on how focused and driven they are to produce good content I have no doubt the Biopunk is going to be an excellent film.

BuzzMeHome Airbnb Smart Buzzer Startup

  • January 24, 2017
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“Your condo buzzer just got smarter” is the BuzzMeHome tagline. BuzzMeHome is a new Vancouver BC Startup that automates entry into your Airbnb with access codes.

The Buzz Me Home set up process couldn’t be simpler. Just sign up and you’ll automatically get a number, give that number to your property or building manager, set up your access codes and/or forwarding phone numbers, and enjoy. It’s that easy!

Want more information visit:


What Does The Company Say?

“BuzzMeHome is a fresh and exciting startup from Vancouver, BC. The entrepreneurs who developed this smart buzzer application are also owners and operators of a few Airbnb properties. Often interrupted by unconventional arrival times of their guests, they worked out a solution with a variety of options: multi phone line buzzer and a system of access codes. Ever since home buzzers got connected to cellular phones rather than landlines, homeowners got an opportunity to provide their guests with building access remotely. Today “smart buzzer” applications bring it to a next level. First of all, your guests and visitors can now select the exact phone line they would like to connect to. If your family members or roommates are busy running errands, there is no longer a need to run up and down the stairs to get your guests, as you have no access to the “designated buzzer” phone. BuzzMeHome allows you to forward your buzzer to as many as 10 numbers. So next time when you are trying to get to your friend’s house party and their buzzer prompts something like “Press 1 to reach Peter or press 2 to reach Emma”, do not get all too surprised. On top of the multiple phone lines connection, BuzzMeHome provides you with an opportunity to assign unlimited amount of access codes and even schedule them for a specific period of time. It means now you can focus on getting a perfect tan in Mexican Riviera, instead of trying to arrange for someone to meet your Airbnb guests and provide them with a key while you are away. Even if you are in town and busy with life, your personal helpers, nannies and cleaners can get controlled access to your home on days and times of your preference. For safety reasons you will also get a text message notification every time someone uses a code. BuzzMeHome is an ultimate tool for people with a demanding lifestyle such as multiple property Airbnb hosts, realtors, cleaning and home care service companies. One simple application allows to control up to 25 properties through a single account and no strings attached.”

How Much Does The Service Cost?

It’s very affordable, costing only $5.99/month

Does It Work In My Area?

“BuzzMeHome works in all cities in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States.”

Do I Need Any Costly Hardware?

“No, there is no software, apps, hardware or equipment required. BuzzMeHome is a cloud-based system, so all you need is a BuzzMeHome phone number.”

I have a feeling this product is going to take off very soon. Get in on the service early. Hopefully it can be of use to some CashSherpa readers on Airbnb. Once again the site is:

Help Peter And Richard Start Developing Gaming Apps

  • January 22, 2017
  • Crowdfunding
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Peter and Richard want to start developing gaming apps and need your help. They have set up a page on the crowdfunding site called JustGiving. You can visit their page at: The goal of this campaign is pretty simple they would like to start developing gaming apps after £900 is raised.

Help Richard and Peter reach their modest £900 goal, funding their app developing dream. JustGiving is the the number one crowdfunding platform in the world. Their mission is that no good campaign goes unfunded. Just Giving has already raised $4.2 billion around the world!

Who Are They?

“Peter my friend and myself (richard) are hoping to start a business of developing online gaming apps. We have been keen to start a business together since a young age. Due to the economical climate loans are not an option to us unfortunately so we have turned to crowd funding to ask for your help. Our plan is to create free-to-play games accessible to the public. Although to bring our ideas to life it will take time, money and effort the middle of which we lack the most. I hope you have read this far into my description so I can offer you our gratitude if you decide to make a donation.”

Where Can I Donate?

Visit their official crowd funding page:

Richard And Peter

Why not make a donation today? Help Richard and Peter start creating free-to-play games for the public.

Top 10 Books Of 2017 Recommended Reading

  • January 22, 2017
  • Book Reviews, Review
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This is a list of the top 10 books I read in 2016 and recommend them to you in 2017 if you haven’t read them already. Let me know what you think of my list or what other books should be on it.

1) Open: An Autobiography Andre Agassi

Note: If you don’t read any other book this year, read Open by Andre Agassi. It’s that good.

2) So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed Jon Ronson

3) Medium Raw Anthony Bourdain

4) TED Talks Chris Anderso

5) Fully Present Susan Smally, Diana Winston

6) The Five Elements of Effective Thinking Edward B. Burger, Michael Starbird

7) How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big Scott Adams

8) Kitchen Confidential Anthony Bourdain

9) Do No Harm Henry Marsh

10) Talking to Crazy Mark Goulston MD


My Top 5 Podcasts Of 2017

  • January 21, 2017
  • News, Tech
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Here are my top 5 podcasts for 2017. I listen to these weekly.

1) Tim Ferris Podcast

2) Lewis Howes The School of Greatness Podcast

3) Joe Rogan

4) The #ASKGARYVEE Show Podcast

5) Bulletproof Radio by Dave Asprey Podcast

Let me know if you think anything else should be on the list! I think in life you’re limited by time, can’t listen to everything. I’ve learned a ton from listening to the above Podcasts weekly.

AdaptivePlay Creating Video Game Journalism On Patreon

  • January 19, 2017
  • Crowdfunding
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AdaptivePlay is doing something interesting on Patreon and needs your support: Adaptive Play is creating video game journalism and needs funding in order to grow. What is video game journalism you ask? It’s just like regular news except it’s 100% dedicated to providing the latest news in the world of gaming.

In 2015 the organization was known as ParaguayanGamer, but in May 2016 the name was changed to AdaptivePlay. Gaming is huge, why aren’t more news networks out there? ParaguayanGamer is trying to fill this gaming niche and take advantage of the the lack of quality gaming news sites. The goal right now stands at only $80/month.


Who Are They?

“With the growth of the team, we are here to deliver our community with a look into the world of gaming – from gaming news, reviews, interviews, convention coverage, and more! We are looking to give you all your heart’s desire when it comes to games.”

What’s Their Mission?

“We have loved games ever since we were little kids, and we want to spread our passion to the world when it comes to everything about games!”

AdaptivePlay Goals

“We want to provide you, our community, the latest news, reviews, leaks, convention coverages, and everything in gaming.

Developer Interviews: This is a feature we would like to have later down the road, where we will be providing you with an interview from the developers themselves. We will be asking all the burning questions!

Everything on Nintendo: Jared888 will be giving you everything in the world of Nintendo from games, consoles, and more.

Convention Coverage: We are going straight to the convention floor to ask developers and panelists questions as well as covering the games that are being shown off.

Reviews: Our team of writers will be bringing you reviews and impressions before your very eyes. We will add video reviews later on for you, the community.

Twitch Streaming: Check out our Twitch channel for live streams of the latest games, and to hang out or join a game with a member of our staff. Once we have enough viewers and followers, we will be doing giveaways. Be sure to give us a follow and join the fun!”

Where Does Patreon Funding Go?

“All funding from this Patreon will be put directly into running the site for AdaptivePlay. All of our staff are currently unpaid, and volunteering their time for their passion in video games. We all share the dream of AdaptivePlay becoming a name used along with many of the top-tier video game news and reviews sites.”

Funding Bonuses

If you support their Patreon page with just $1/month you’ll get a username for forums and name/URL on partner support page. Pledge just $2/month and get shout out on YouTube, plus all the previous bonuses. Donate just $5/month and get a chance to have a monthly chat with a staff member and all previous bonuses. These are some of the best bonuses I’ve seen at such low pledge amounts. Take advantage of them today, they are that good.

On the AdaptivePlay’s Patreon page there is a statement that says “Every dollar helps.” I think especially online we forget to support the creators we love. We think what they are doing is great, but it would take way too much effort and/or way too much money to help this person/company out. Patreon solves this issue making is easy for people to support the content they care about. Also, people realize it doesn’t take much to make a huge difference. AdaptivePlay’s lowest pledge amount is $1/month, practically everyone has $1.00. Please consider support AdaptivePlay and video game news on Patreon:

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