Look At This Floof!!!

Just look at it! He looks like a little bear-dog hybrid.


That floof is the brother of our future floof. His mother is the one in the top image there. Look at what a good dog she is! She’s the best dog.

This is the floof’s father. He’s a good boy. Such a good boy.

Our pupper is due to arrive in this world on May 15th, which will thrill Sadie, as that’s right near her birthday. He will be ready to come home on MY birthday, at the start of September. I can’t think of a better wedding/birthday/Christmas gift!!!

Gluten Intolerance: Real Or Imagined?

I’ve written about my ongoing gut issues before, years ago, but I’ve never really done anything about them, aside from making modifications to my diet with mixed success. I established some time back (probably 6 years ago) that grains and processed foods don’t seem to agree with me, but I just haven’t been able to kick the carbs habit, or stay away from most of the things that make me ill.

Over the past few months, the issue has escalated some, to the point where I have severe discomfort when I ingest bread products. So, due to the fact that my IUD is up for renewal in the fall, I was finally forced to see a doctor, and she is sending me to get tested for Celiac Disease. I don’t know if that’s what I have, but something is certainly not right in my digestive system.

Part of me is in denial, and is ravenously trying to consume as much gluten as it can before I get an “official diagnosis” (if there ever is one) and the other part of me is in agony because of the life choices that first part is making.

I can still eat rice, so at least I don’t have to give up sushi.

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